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I can get you organized!  As a NAPO Professional Organizer, I can come to your home or office and teach you to organize, de-clutter and simplify your life.

I can help you with projects, time management, organizing, creating filing systems and removing clutter, in order to help you find clarity and give you solutions to overwhelming   challenges at home or in your work life.

Clutter means a lack of focus and indecision leads to more clutter. Illness, stress, and weight problems are sometimes a result of not dealing with clutter. Your home and work space are a reflection of you, your lifestyle and your mind. Now is the time to align your goals with your reality. 

My purpose is to help businesses and individuals save time, save money, increase productivity, and reduce stress, by creating organizing systems that are customized to help you gain and maintain control over your household, office and lives. No two clients are alike, so I will help you design systems and provide you with support services that will work for you and your family or business.

My services can be for a one time project or on an ongoing basis as a Personal Assistant to help you deal with mail, paper, bills, household tasks or errands, allowing you to focus on what matters to you. 

I realize that this is a significant investment in yourself. This process will change you and help you with the tools you need to move forward. It is not just about hiring me to move your stuff. It is about educating you about your patterns and habits and to provide you with support services to help you  move forward, achieve your goals and live your best life!




Organize ~ Declutter ~ Simplify



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